Vision Review – Edition 15

Vision Review – Edition 15 “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,” Hamlet observed, “than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Today heaven and earth alike are increasingly in thrall to two phenomena that neither Shakespeare nor his tragic prince could have dared imagine: the power of market forces and the innovative brilliance […]

Falmouth Packet Business Aug ’18 – 50 – Is it all over?

50 – Is it all over? Whilst I am not quite 50 years of age, the clock is certainly ticking and has made me sit back and think about what it means heading to this milestone. It was no doubt one of those adverts – the one’s that make you feel extremely old “over 50’s”. […]

Falmouth Packet Business Jul ’18 – Is this One step too far for Buy to Let Investors?

Is this One step too far for Buy to Let Investors? A new government proposal is looking to extend tenancy agreements providing them with greater security. The government’s proposals are that tenants will be able to vacate early whilst landlords will have greater financial security. Greater regulation and tax changes for the investor have resulted […]

Falmouth Packet Business Jun ’18 – What is the future of the state pension ?

What is the future of the state pension ? The state pension will be 109 years old this year – so what will the next 109 years look like for you, me, our children and grandchildren – whilst I do not have a crystal ball the figures simply don’t add up. Even though the state […]

Falmouth Packet Business May ’18 – Pension death benefits

733,000 People at Risk of Passing on Their Pension to the Wrong Person In an ever-changing working environment with the average person expected to have 11 different jobs during their working life and as many pension schemes, it is no wonder that this number is so high. When joining a pension scheme, members are asked […]

Falmouth Packet Business Apr ’18 – How to choose the right financial adviser

How to choose the right financial adviser Individuals now have greater control over their financial affairs, especially with changes such as pension’s freedom. Whether you choose to seek financial advice is likely to depend upon the complexities of your financial affairs and whether you feel capable to deal with your own finances. The first step […]

Falmouth Packet Business Mar ’18 – To fix or not to fix?

To fix or not to fix? The decision to fix your mortgage or not will depend upon your individual position. An important factor being whether you could afford to pay increased mortgage payments should interest rates rise. With Mortgage borrowers benefitting from almost 10 years of the lowest rates ever, many mortgage holders will not […]

Falmouth Packet Business Feb ’18 – So what is a financial review?

So what is a financial review? Quite simply the opportunity to review your financial needs and arrangements and consider how well placed these are to meet your objectives – these vary considerably and often this is very personal. These may include the ability to protect your family in the event of premature death, your ability […]

Falmouth Packet Business Jan ’18 – To transfer or not?

To Transfer or not to Transfer There has been a great deal of press coverage in respect of Defined Benefit Pension Scheme transfers. These are transfers from what has often been regarded as “gold-plated” index linked final salary schemes to a personal pension. With “pension freedom” providing greater flexibility and attractive transfer values, many individuals […]

Falmouth Packet Business Dec ’17 – Ethical investing

So what is ethically investing? More and more institutions and individuals are choosing to invest in “ethical” investments. So what is ethical investing?  Quite simply ethical investing is the application of both positive and negative social and environmental criteria in the management of an investment/pension portfolio. Sometimes referred to as sustainable, socially responsible or green, […]

Falmouth Packet Business Nov ’17 – Tech bubble

Tech Bubble? Or just part of our everyday life? With endless information at our fingertips 24-7, and technology’s advance seeming unstoppable it’s an everyday part of our lives. Like it or not, the influence of technology on our lives is growing fast. From a financial perspective do we ignore it at our peril? For the […]

Falmouth Packet Business Oct ’17 – Scam smart investor

Are you a Scam Smart Investor? Most of us think that scams happen to other people, but most scams are extremely clever: deliberately targeting educated people with investment experience, assisted by low interest rates and a desire to attract higher returns Often operated from the UK and may involve investments in wine, precious stones or […]

Falmouth Packet Business Sept ’17 – Value of financial advice

Value of financial Advice – £40,000 better off   Now that the holiday season is drawing to an end, maybe it’s time to reflect upon recent research undertaken by the International Longevity Centre-UK  with the support of Royal London which highlights the benefit of taking financial advice. The report demonstrates the very real value […]

Editorial: Vision Review – Quarter 1 2017

New Year- New Challenges – Playing the Generation Game It is so often the smaller changes that often do not reach the front pages of the press that so often make the biggest difference. In a changing and ever evolving World it is important to take stock of your finances and what better time than […]


W.T. Independent Financial Planning, WTIFP

W.T are pleased to announce that the recent branding exercise is complete – including new social media Facebook and Twitter. We may have traditional values but we have a modern approach and outlook. Watch this space for further developments.

Castle Investment Conference

We were delighted to attend the annual Castle Investment Solutions conference in September, which took place this year at The Celtic Manor Resort near Cardiff. An informative day with various investment and pension specialists along with presentations including question and answers sessions from a number of discretionary fund management companies exploring the journey to positive […]

Michael Spiers

We are proud to be part of the 2016 exclusive Michael Spiers Jewellery and Watch collection. Michael Spiers offers the finest quality watches and jewellery throughout the South West which complements our quality financial services proposition. Please click here where you will find us on page 113. Should you wish to receive a hardback copy, please […]