Vision Review – Edition 15

Vision Review – Edition 15

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,” Hamlet observed, “than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Today heaven and earth alike are increasingly in thrall to two phenomena that neither Shakespeare nor his tragic prince could have dared imagine: the power of market forces and the
innovative brilliance of technology companies.

Space has recently emerged as the newest and most dramatic frontier for cutting-edge private enterprise. As in any business arena, the advent of entrepreneurship brings the promise of both risk and reward. We explain how the unfolding commercialisation of the cosmos is giving rise to legislative, regulatory and political questions — as well as unprecedented investment opportunities.

Meanwhile, back on terra firma, the UK’s High Streets continue their struggle to adapt in the face of another tech-driven shift: the relentless ascent of online shopping. In our lead article we explore efforts to revive the traditional retail experience in the face of this seemingly irresistible threat.

Other topics in this edition include the complex world of “urban mining”, the search for new antibiotics, the renaissance of prefab housing and the chequered history of the world’s most famous doll. We also examine changing dietary habits, the cost of later-life care, the merits of intergenerational wealth planning and the nuances of the lifetime mortgage market.

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