Falmouth Packet Business Feb ’18 – So what is a financial review?

So what is a financial review?

Quite simply the opportunity to review your financial needs and arrangements and consider how well placed these are to meet your objectives – these vary considerably and often this is very personal. These may include the ability to protect your family in the event of premature death, your ability to retire at 55, ensuring that your investments are tax efficient and performing well or reducing the impact of inheritance taxation.

Questions may well be asked that you may never have thought about and you may well not have the answers. Why would we ask ourselves “what would happen if our loved one died tomorrow – they are fit and healthy and in their 30’s”

Maybe we should consider such questions, but with hectic and busy life’s and with retirement maybe decades away our natural thought is that in can wait – cant it? And do you want or need to really consider such morbid thoughts? Or you may simply feel you can arrange this yourself.

The answers to questions posed will determine the types of insurances you need and can afford, the types of investment and pensions you arrange and the level of risk that you take.

Answers often give rise to more questions but hopefully provide a better understanding of the financial world, which is surely not bad thing.

So why do we not take financial advice? Many believe it is expensive, it won’t benefit them, it’s not a priority it can wait, the list continues.

Maybe it’s time to review that to do list; considering moving the “seek financial advice” from the bottom to the top.

Most Independent financial advisers offer a free no obligation consultation. So why not see for yourself?


This article does not provide individual financial advice and are the views of the columnist only. Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Sarah Williams of W.T Independent Financial Planning is an Appointed Representative of Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd

Article February 2018