Retirement planning

I am a self-employed farmer and as such have no definitive retirement date, however I felt it time and prudent to review my arrangements, especially as I had not received any financial advice for many years. I had several plans (7 in all) over many years and had no idea where to start, consequently I contacted Sarah Williams of W.T Wealth and enjoyed several meetings to discuss our financial position, our objectives, concerns, taking time to put any concerns behind me and to concentrate on what really mattered.

It transpired that I had a couple of guaranteed annuity with terms that were very favourable, although I was not looking to take benefits the terms meant that it made sense to immediately; this was of course pleasing news to my wife. The other arrangements were carefully reviewed and assessed which resulted in them brought together under one arrangement and within a bespoke and discretionary managed investment portfolio. I now have peace of mind that my arrangements are easy to understand, flexible to meet my changing needs and confidence that my investments are managed on a day to day basis taking into consideration my individual objectives and appetite for risk. I now meet Sarah every six months and

We have since undertaken a similar exercise of our investments, these too had not been looked after, this resulted in a capital gains and a portfolio of stock that had little or no diversification which no longer met my attitude to risk. These are now managed according to our requirements and we regularly meet every six months to discuss and review .We keep in regular contact and has even arranged ( been present at) a meeting with an accountant to discuss a complex family trust issue.

“Thanks to W.T Wealth that my financial arrangements are well placed to meet our current and future needs. I now fully understand our arrangements and how these will secure our families financial future. W.T Wealth is not simply interested in providing advice on one area, they looked at our families overall position in order to provide the best advice. It has taken time to get to where we are today but are very pleased that we took this journey.”