Investment planning

We were recommended to W.T Wealth by an old financial adviser as we were becoming increasingly unhappy with our Private banking relationship from a well-known high street bank. Our financial affairs were not particularly straightforward for many reasons including the complexity of the family businesses arrangements alongside a particular and more specific need.

We met on a few occasions and after Sarah had fully grasped our needs and had obtained information from our existing Private Bank, she discussed her recommendations, proposals and the research undertaken. An appointment was then arranged with the proposed investment manager, an excellent way to ensure that we felt happy with our newly proposed investment management service and that we could indeed work together moving forward.

A new bespoke investment portfolio was subsequently arranged and has since been managed with Sarah who assesses our needs for the future and appetite to risk taking into consideration the many layers of our financial affairs. We meet on a regular basis and discuss our financial affairs in the wider context.

We are very pleased with the service provided by W.T Wealth and how Sarah understands not only our personal but our business affairs, including working with other professionals. She understands that whilst in business you have finger in many pies and sometimes haven’t undertaken a task that has been suggested or recommended, often simply due to time constraints/management. Through her many years of experience she can politely provide a subtle nudge/reminder to ensure that a matter is looked into or say professional advice is sought not for any other reason than to ensure that this is carried out for the good of ourselves and our family.