Estate planning

We met Sarah from W.T Wealth after she had recently taken over the investment relationship along for our elderly parents from another firm. Her initial findings suggested a large inheritance tax liability although my parents did not know all the details required to assess their position. Sarah recommended our involvement as their affairs were not as straight forward as they originally appeared. Sarah contacted accountants and land agents on their behalf in order to establish their full position. As a consequence it was established that some land and a farm either did not have tenancy agreements or that they had the older style which provided only 50% agricultural relief, consequently their inheritance tax liability increased substantially. With our parents authority Sarah kept us all informed, this effectively reduced the worry to them and allowed the family to be more involved and aware of the position, taking steps to place the correct arrangements in place.

Sarah established that my parents Wills were not correct and introduced us to one of the many professionals that they work with; they subsequently arranged new Wills along with Lasting Power of Attorney, this was of particular relevance and importance as the family was involved with the potential sale of land under an option. Sarah arranged a meeting with an accountant that specialised with Agricultural businesses to discuss the tax implications on the sale of the land.

In addition Sarah arranged to invest funds within a specialist inheritance tax plan, which attracted business property tax relief after two years, again the family were involved from the outset as Sarah established the benefits both to our parents and to ourselves as the beneficiaries to their Estate.

“We are all most grateful to W.T Wealth and in particular to Sarah. She now manages our own financial affairs with the likelihood that she will also help our children with their financial requirements moving forward and as required. A truly holistic approach to financial planning.”