Sarah went to a lot of trouble to provide advice taking into account an in depth study of my pension inheritance from a complex scheme.

I am very happy having Sarah Williams as my adviser any time I have any questions she is more than happy to answer them and I am more than happy to keep Sarah Williams as my adviser for the future years.

I have been very satisfied with the attention provided by Sarah Williams at our recent meeting with myself as I have Power of attorney for my aunt…

Sarah gives me a highly professional but also very friendly personalised service. It’s peace of mind for me and I’m very grateful.

Sarah Williams is very helpful, and has a lovely personality. We feel safe in her hands, and would be lost without her!

During the 3 years that Sarah Williams (Vision) has been my I.F.A I have much appreciated her empathy and ability to understand my changing financial needs and expectations. Her resulting follow-up recommendations and options are always well researched, presented and explained (I am a retired Maths teacher and can ask searching questions!) and I am delighted with the on-going progress achieved during that period.

The fact I’ve chosen to move my monies from my bank to your company speaks volumes about Sarah Williams. I find her to be very professional, considerate, very kind and understanding of my financial situation. All in all a great asset to your company with a good personality.

She is a most pleasant, friendly and smartly presented person to welcome into our home to talk about our finances, the financial needs of our family and how our assets can best be used after our deaths. Most important is that she is a professional who looks into all aspects of our needs and makes sure we understand the options available to us, showing much patience when we struggle to grasp complex financial and tax information. Her advice has taken account of numerous complications in the family with the youngest of our three sons unable to work because of serious heart problems. My wife has Alzheimer’s disease. Sarah Williams’ advice has covered Investment, Taxation, Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney and she has helped us to find the best professionals in each area. Everything she does is thorough and detailed and her response to issues that arise is always rapid and practical. Recently we said to her that ‘if we had known what we know about her now, before we had ever met her, we would still be choosing to come to her for help and advice.

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